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Accredited Mentors

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Accredited Mentor List

The Academy supports the 'Mentoring in Implant Dentistry' guidelines, produced by the College of General Dentistry (CGDent).


Accredited Mentors

After qualification with either the Level 7 Certificate, Level 7 Diploma or the MSc in Advanced Dental Implantology, Academy graduates can access our network of Accredited Mentors to assist in their first cases.  Mentors can only be accessed after graduation (not during training).

Mentoring Agreements

We recommend that a Mentoring Contract is agreed between mentor and mentee.  An exemplar Mentoring Contract can be found on page 22 of the Mentoring in Implant Dentistry guidelines produced by CGDent.  

The fees charged by a mentor to a mentee are to be agreed between the two parties.  The Academy is not involved in any mentoring fee arrangements.  The Academy acts as an Agent of Introduction for graduates.  No fee is paid by any mentee to the Academy.

Scope of Mentoring

Please see the CGDent guidelines, Mentoring in Implant Dentistry, for details on the scope and extent of post qualification mentoring that is advised for implant dentistry graduates.

Mentoring Portfolio

The mentee is expected to complete a portfolio of evidence for all mentored cases.  This may include Case Based Discussions (CBD), Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) and Clinical Evaluation Exercises (CEX).  The Academy provides all Accredited Mentors with the appropriate portfolio forms to give to their mentees for completion.

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